Personalized advice to the compliance areas of companies to minimize risks and manage criminal findings such as money laundering, transnational bribery and corruption, among others, all of this under national and international standards such as FCPA and UK- Bribery Act.


How do we do it?


We work as strategic allies of the compliance areas of Companies to detect and manage risks associated with the occurrence of crimes. 

To this end, we analyze the compliance program, and make suggestions regarding the management of these risks. Currently, the 3 most relevant areas in terms of criminal compliance are money laundering, transnational bribery and corruption, without neglecting other types of scenarios such as criminal risks in environmental, financial and tax matters, among others.  
In addition, we seek to strengthen the internal tools of each company for the prevention of criminal risks, such as hotlines and whistleblower systems.
Finally, we accompany the company to determine when and how approach the competent authorities.

What does include?