About us


Founded in 2017, Camilo Burbano Abogados is a boutique firm located in Bogota, whose main purpose is to provide legal services in the areas of Criminal Law, Corporate Risks, Human Rights – HR and International Humanitarian Law – IHL in a comprehensive manner. Since its establishment, it has been marked by a policy of handling a specific group of processes, consultancies, or advisory services. This means that the Firm will only take on new matters after it concludes the matters it is in charge of. This guarantees the highest degree of dedication to the processes, consultancies, or advisory services entrusted by their clients, and also it allows them to have immediate access to the team members.



To develop the best defense strategies, representation of victims, and corporate advice to provide a comprehensive legal service, and thus actively accompany the business and personal development of our clients, protecting and defending their rights from a legal perspective.



To offer personalized service to guarantee effective control over the matters handled by the Firm and, consequently, to have clients satisfied with our work. The Firm’s policy is not to handle a high number of cases or consultancies, considering their direct impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.


Thus, Camilo Burbano Abogados’s main interest is to provide quality service, where clients feel fully represented and supported by optimal legal work protecting their rights and interests. That is to say, we are strategic allies with first-hand knowledge of the facts and circumstances of each client, so we can determine more precisely the needs of our clients and fulfill the mission of our Firm.



Camilo Burbano Abogados’s corporate values are proper handling of information, teamwork, integrity, and solidarity.   

Firstly, proper handling of information is the security we give to the handling of information concerning our clients (confidentiality) and the protection of their personal and corporate name. 


Secondly, teamwork is one of the fundamental pillars of Camilo Burbano Abogados. On one hand, this value implies that our work team forms synergies, exploit their capabilities, and on the other hand, we strive to work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve the best possible result for their interests. 


Besides, this allows us to comply with the integral factor of the work since we operate in coordination with other law firms having the highest quality standards, and which are well-known in their respective areas. 

In third place, integrity is the guiding light for our professional practice, evidenced in the honesty of the information provided to our clients and in the transparent and ethical behavior towards public officials and other people involved in our processes, consultancies, and advisory services. 


Finally, solidarity is evidenced in the management of a pro-bono line focused on people who for different reasons cannot pay the fees of an integral legal team.

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Carrera 7 # 71-52 Torre B Oficina 507 Edificio Los Venados