What does pro-bono mean?


Free professional practice in the area of law carried out in favor of those citizens who require legal advice but lack of the resources to access it.


Where does it come from?


We know we commit to the country’s construction; therefore, pro-bono legal services have accompanied the Firm since its establishment as a synonym of corporate social responsibility.


Thus, we invest part of our time, knowledge, and resources in providing free, voluntary, and quality representation and advice to those who require it. 


Our pro-bono line has two main focuses: 

  1. Legal representation of victims of sexual crimes.
  2. Defense of journalists for activities related to the exercise of their profession.

    Exceptionally, we accept pro-bono cases on issues other than those mentioned above.



    How do we do it?


    We provide personalized service to ensure the defense and protection of the rights of those who ask for this service. We apply all our knowledge in the Criminal Law field to promote an equitable, fair and legal system.



What does include?

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